Monday, September 26, 2011

Assembling Worlds Online

My Partner and I have set up an online version of the collaborative exhibition we held earlier this year at Jugglers Artspace in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley. Both solo and collaborative works are displayed with title, medium / dimensions, year & price. For any purchase inquiries contact myself at


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Good friend and Brisbane local Mr Brad Swob (one third of Brisbane's Dank Morass) has just launched a project (culminating in the form of a website) titled DEXIAN RACKING. Mr Swob describes what the project is about and its aims:

"Dexian Racking is a website that will regularly publish mixes of music, short stories, digital art and photography in thematically linked volumes. Submissions are open to anyone and everyone. Each volume starts with a mix of music and an object selected by Mr Swob. Writers are encouraged to submit short/micro stories (600 word limit) loosely inspired by the mix of music and the selected object. Graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and video artists are encouraged to submit work based on the same. All submissions are required by a deadline and the entire volume of work live on the Dexian Racking website shortly thereafter. A new mix and object is posted and the process repeats.

Jah willing, Dexian Racking will be an online hub for original writing, music and art in the stylistic tradition of, say, The X-Files. I only half kid! Other influences on the tones and tales of the Dexian Racking project could come from places like horror films, pulp fiction, murder mysteries, ghost stories, science fiction, film noir, Edgar Allan Poe, gonzo and other, Lynch-esque moody weirdness - with varying degrees of blood and silliness. I’m reluctant to say much more. Keep it dank and go crazy."

Swob's initial mix for volume 1 of DR was extremely dark and extremely atmospheric. I particularly enjoyed hearing tracks taken from David Lynch's masterpiece of a TV series "Twin Peaks". Having only just watched the entire series for the very first time earlier this year, it was inevitable my submission for the Racking was going to be inspired by the peaks. Check out my video work / sound scape titled "The Owls Are Not What They Seem"

Also check out a good friend of mine PROV!$'s sinister & sleazy gangster remix of the sound scape >>> ATLASt - The Owls Are Not What They Seem (PROVi$ Remix) by PROV!$

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

EMULATOR – A classic gaming inspired event. September 19-30, Bleeding Heart Gallery Ann St, Brisbane.

Myself and a whole host of local and interstate artists will be exhibiting works inspired by classic 8bit favorites played between 1980 & 1990. Created exclusively for the show I chose to use a screen-scape taken from the Nintendo classic Double Dragon for digital abstraction. The works previewed below will be exhibited in the form of two A2 sized framed prints and will be for sale at $150 each. As well as an exhibition Emulator will have all sorts of classic gaming related activities and events, such as retro gaming consoles ready to be played with and a mad line up of locally based chip tune musicians and DJs including good friends Potato Masta and Dot.AY
The Double Dragon Vortex 1The Double Dragon Vortex 2

Friday, September 2, 2011


The above image is artwork I made for Melbourne based producer VOODOO DRED. His self titled EP has just been released on Brisbane based internet label Dub Temple Records.
Vadim describes his sound and sonic inspiration:

“The concept of what I want to create is to continue the west african tradition of a Griot but in an urban, contemporary sense. Going back to traditional african beats and translating them into a hip hop context, I believe traditional african drumming is the original “trance” music because back in the day they would play these rythms for days on end and literally get into a trance.” – VJ

Download this EP and a whole bunch of amazing releases from local producers and beat makers over at >>>