Monday, July 25, 2011

etcc: semi-permanant side show

This year I'm lucky enough to be apart of the Brisbane Semi-Permanent side show happening Friday August 5th at Shooting Gallery in Spring Hill. The line up of artists is huge (including Aussie man of the minute Mr Lister) and likewise with the idea behind it. Everyone will be remixing artworks made for the Sydney etcc show earlier in the year and artists down in Melbourne will then remix and reinterpret the remixes from Brisbane and so on and so on. Curated by local Brisbane artist Ben Reeve this show raises important questions about how we perceive copyright in the visual art industry, much like how assumptions surrounding the appropriation of other peoples work have been experimented with in electronic music production through sampling.

Dates: Friday 5th (opening night) - 26th August
Space: Shooting Gallery - 105 Bowen street, spring hill, Brisbane

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