Monday, April 12, 2010


Part two of Jus'like music & Apple Juice Break's "OSCILLATIONS" has just dropped. Again packed to the brim with an insane mixture of future electronic beats, from underground heavy weights such as SLUGABED too local Brisbane emerging beat makers such as ELROY 4.0.

With a total of 40 mostly exclusive, absolutely FREE tracks, "OSCILLATIONS" has been an extensive showcase of where both hip hop and bass heavy boom bap beats are in today's electronic music world. The compilation has bought to light countless emerging beat makers that will no doubt be making big waves in the year to come. Consequently I cannot wait to hear more from the likes of; T.Hemingway, le N?KO, Dza, East Winston Lake, Bluntspeakers, BUG, Jesse Futerman, Elroy. 4.0, Stevo not to mention the soulful and tasty sounds of S.maharba.

So if you're that way inclined i.e. like the sound of tasty beats, then do yourself a favor and download this shit >>>>>>> OCILATIONS PART 2


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