Thursday, March 18, 2010

ten-p-bag mix Vol.1

My breder Isaac aka Walrii aka the Walrus of Brisbane's Dank Morass fame, has put together volume 1 of the ten-p-bag mixes which shall now and again be posted up. For vol.1 the walrus has assembled an ecletic 30 minute mix of beats that are as equally drenched in soul as they are in galatic sounds. No serato at hand so these beats come straight from the walrus's crate. A bit rough around the edges but dope as always!

Track list:

  1. Navigators - Take and Lukid
  2. Psycho (Samiyam remix) - Illumsphere
  3. Smoke It Over - PUDGE and Dibiase
  4. Crazy Over You - Bullion
  5. Love Nation remix - Tarach
  6. Porter Attack - KDEF
  7. Transmission 2 - DJ Shadow
  8. Sick Fit - Madvillain
  9. Future - Mike Slott
  10. Us - Nosaj Thing
  11. Golden Diva - Flying Lotus
  12. No Strings Attached - Coleman
  13. Home - Coleman
  14. Summertime - Last Order
Enjoy --

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